The Power of Camaraderie – Your iPod Touch or iPhone

December 9, 2013

We do better when we do activities together. If you are tired of starting and then quitting a workout program? Ready for a change? There are a lot of different ways to make running or walking a daily habit but I recommend one of the best camaraderie especially with your iPhone app UpBeat. That is because we do better whether it is our nutritional regimen or weight loss when we do it with other people or with the camaraderie of a responsive tool. People need connection with other people, with other things. And, working out is easier when connected to your comrades.

Sally Edwards at the Urban Cow Half Marathon

Sally Edwards at the Urban Cow Half Marathon

A popular study from the New England Journal of Medicine (volume 357:370-379) reports obesity spreads through social networks. The study reports that the likelihood of becoming obese is affected by your connection with family and friends  if they are obese so it affects your chances for likewise being overweight or obese.

The same is true for the effects of social networking on your engaging in invigorating activities. If you surround yourself with like minded people who also work out, your likelihood of getting and staying fit is positively and significantly affected. The reasons and mechanisms involved are for another time and place. Rather, you might find that you do better when you connect with a training buddy to workout. When we train together we often do better than alone. It is more rewarding to follow the lead of someone like your best friend, work mate, or family member than the tug and struggle of going it alone.

 Sally Edwards, CEO and Developer, UpBeat Workouts and the Urban Cow Half Marathon App

Note: My constant comrade is my iPhone playing UpBeat Workouts stride-matched music. I love it guides me through the workout and I love the coaching and I love the synchronization of stride to beats-per-minute of music.

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