Morphing from a Caterpillar to a Butterfly with Upbeat Workouts iPhone App

September 13, 2011

For the past 40 years, I have, in various incarnations, witnessed the transformation of millions of people as they crossed the finish line of their first, or their umpteenth, 5K to marathon or sprint to Ironman triathlon races. That feeling — that you can accomplish anything in your life that you prepare for — is one of the most exhilarating sensations that you may ever experience in your life.

Upbeat Workouts, the new iPhone app, is one of those experiences that can morph your running and take you from a big, green, OK-not-great-runners to a butterfly that flies across the finish line fitter and faster. Because the app provides you with a “synchronous experience” where your stride and your rhythm are entrained the process happens. This is the experience of change, growth, and empowerment, and it happens every single time you do an Upbeat Workout especially with a coached workout – and meet our coaches.

I know for sure that when we change, all things change. I know the change that comes from busting out of our cocoon and flying out as a butterfly.  The change is profound – it is the first step to believing what had previously been unimaginable – you as a faster and better runner. That change, that realization that there is a better runner inside – is a powerful force in our lives and migrates to all parts of it. I know what change can do for you. Because, when you change, all things change for you.

Let me conclude with a statement about the importance of your first time or umpteenth Upbeat Workout from one of our walkers who said to me ”I feel as though I got wings and used them to go higher and I love the view from up here.”

Start talking about changing from running without to running with Upbeat. Tell everyone. Spread the word that if you can do it and if you love it then your mother, brother, daughter, and friend can do it too. That’s one of the ways that we are going to get America fit – by having fun and by moving feeling upbeat.

Sally Edwards
Founder and CEO, Upbeat Workouts

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