I had to buy a $250 iPhone to get the $2.99 app – Upbeat Workouts for Runners

July 19, 2011

Why would you spend $250 for a new mobile phone because you wanted a $2.99 app? That’s because you have a Blackberry and you want to run to the new Upbeat app and it runs only on the iPhones platform. Maggie Sullivan, Series Director of the Trek Women and the Danskin Triathlon Series, shelled out hundreds of dollars for an iPhone just to buy a $2.99 app. Here’s what happened. Maggie wanted to go for a run with series national spokeswoman, Sally Edwards while they were both in Michigan. But, alas, it was pouring rain so Sally suggested that they do an Upbeat Workouts inside – in the hotel’s gym. As an avid and raving Blackberry fan, it was a challenge to convince Maggie to borrow Sally’s iPod Touch. At Sally’s suggestion, Maggie selected from the cadre of coaches, ultra-marathoner and coach Bob Crowley’s “LSD Surprise” a synchronized motivational workout that is 61 minutes in length.

“Time drags and boredom sets in when I am inside on a treadmill,” confesses the 21 year veteran Series Director, Maggie Sullivan, “but with Upbeat it just flew by and I ran/walked harder than if I were left to random asynchronous music.  Coach Bob’s voice guidance in my ear giving me tips and surprises periodically made me run faster and longer.” Maggie feel in love with a new way of running – synchronization of strides and steps. The next day, Maggie flew home to New York City, dropped her luggage at her apartment, and darted out to the Manhattan Apple retail store. Hours latter, the avid Blackberry raver sent Sally an email photo of her with her new iPhone loaded with Upbeat Workouts as her first app. The app cost $2.99 and the workout “LSD Surprise” was free. The iPhone cost $250. “It has cost me a fortune to buy Sally Edwards’ Upbeat Workouts. The app was only $2.99 app – the phone was the fortune. The fun of using Upbeat was worth it all.”

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