Free Music for Your Device – Don’t Use Streaming Cloud Music

June 22, 2015

Let’s face it music plays an enormous part of our lives. Studies have proven time and time again that music and mood and running are inherently linked. That’s just one of the many reasons most of us love to run to the beat of the  music.

Download Free Music For UpBeat Workouts for Runners iPhone App

Free Music Downloads

These same studies prove that the music we listen to engages a wide range of neurobiological systems that affect our psychology, which in turn impacts on our emotional wellbeing, motivation and more.  Studies have also explored how a repetitive beat, such as that in a musical rhythm, synchronizes brain waves in ways that may be particularly helpful in coupling what you hear with how you match your running steps to the eat of the music.

However even with this in mind I often get asked for music suggestions that are appropriate for runners, without suggestive themes and exempt from copyright issues. While there is a growing list of options in this space, from streaming music like Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora they won’t work with UpBeat Workouts. Why? Because Upbeat Workouts needs the music on your local device to play stride-matched-music. It can’t be done by anyone. And, you may not want to purchase more songs – so why not download them for free – to run with?

Here’s how. Many musicians choose to release their songs under Creative Commons licenses, which give you the legal right to do things like use their music in your mobile devices’ music library for free. And the best part about this music is that you can download and do whatever you want with the tracks, as they’re licensed under all copyright-free because of the creative commons license. Here’s a list of where you can snag new tunes for your UpBeat Workouts and we’ll provide you for free the beats-per-minute of the music for free too!

Sally Edwards

and …

  • Simuze
  • BeatPick
  • CASH Music
  • SectionZ
  • Opsound
  • Podsafe Audio
  • AudioFarm
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