Biggest Loser Contestant PRs using Upbeat Workouts App for Runners

June 18, 2011

Sensational New Book

Abby Rike is not only releasing her new and first book titled Working It Out but as a past contestant on the Biggest Loser tv show she’s winning again. Abby just set a PR, a personal record, in a recent 5K training with the new iPhone App Upbeat Workouts for Runners. “I am not a fast runner but I love to run to the beat of the music when it’s synchronized by my running steps per minute – automatically.” Abby used Upbeat Workouts founder and coach, triathlon and running legend Sally Edwards as her Upbeat Workouts virtual coach. “Abby likes the guidance and the support of having a running coach motivating and encouraging her using her iPod Touch and the Upbeat app as she trains and did it pay off with the best finish time of her life,” says, Sally Edwards who herself just last month released her 23-book title on running, Be a Better Runner.
For more information on Upbeat Workouts for Runners contact Matt Van Tuinen

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